A Catalyst For The Industry

Catalysts are widely used, not only in the chemical laboratories of schools, colleges and research units, but increasingly in the industrial sector. A Catalyst is something that increases the chemical reaction rate without undergoing any lasting chemical changes. Catalysts can not only cause a reaction to happen at a faster rate, but it can also cause a change in the conditions of the reaction itself, such as temperature, than would be possible without the Catalyst. But the Catalyst itself remains unchanged at the end of the reaction. The fact that the Catalyst does not change in any way after the reaction, allows it to be used multiple times. But just as there are no perpetual motion machines in the real world, Catalysts, whether domestic or industrial, can never be reused indefinitely. A time always comes when the Industrial Catalyst Package becomes spent, and is declared as scrapped. The Package itself deteriorates, is damaged, and becomes encrusted with residual matter and dirt. But the chemical materials being used as catalyst remain unchanged. Where the ingredients composing the catalysts are particularly valuable, it is worthwhile to consider recovery of the materials from the spent package. For example, if the Catalyst is composed of PGM (Platinum Groups Metals), the precious metals involved are definitely worth recovery. The industrial catalyst can therefore not only be useful in life, but even in the afterlife, when they are scrapped or considered spent.

Industrial catalyst

Industrial and Petrochemical Catalysts

The recovery of precious metals from Spent Industrial & Petrochemical Catalysts is governed by the Basel Convention. It requires that any processor must ensure full environmental compliance with the acts and tenets of this convention, and it is administered internationally, in all countries who are privy to and signatories of this convention. These Catalysts in the Petrochemical Sector are used in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, nylon, ethylene, polypropylene, fertilizer, high grade gasoline.

The Best

The Malaysian company who are leading the world in restoration of catalysts work closely with their Customers who are their trusted partners. Highly competitive returns can be realized for the complete restoring of the precious metals and refining of these spent catalysts. But the work of restoration is carried out in close collaboration with the governors of the International Basel Convention.  The facilities are fully capable of professional assessment, sampling, analysis, processing and extraction. The company is Asia’s largest Processors in spent automotive catalytic converters, which are used for devices for emission control all over the world for both gasoline and diesel engines. The catalysts are based on the highly valuable PGM (Platinum Group Metals), such as for example Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium, and this company guarantees the recovery of the highest percentage of these precious metals.