Importance of Correct Crib and Mattress Sizing

The Perfect Baby Crib and Mattress

The number of alternatives and factors you need to consider when buying a crib mattress can be overwhelming. Still, correct sizing is one of the most crucial, if not the main, consideration. You should purchase a mattress that is a standard size, or whether you intend to purchase a nonstandard crib, you should make sure you deal with a respectable manufacturer.

What is standard crib size mattress and crib measurements are put and rigorously policed to ensure the security of infants. If they weren’t, infants could become trapped beneath the mattress in between the mattress and the crib’s border leading to injury or even suffocation. In 2008 a United States maker was forced to recall 20,000 mattresses because they didn’t fit correctly. This ought to give you an indication of the seriousness of buying a correctly sized crib and mattress.

How to choose a mattress?

Luckily most cribs are a standard size, and therefore most mattresses are made to fit that size. If you’re unsure for instance, you may have an antique crib) if your crib is a standard one, you can measure it.

  • 28 5/8 inches wide
  • Between 52 3/8 and 5/8 inches long

These dimensions should be taken from the innermost surfaces of the crib.

If you’re set on buying a nonstandard crib, such as a circular or miniature crib, then you need what is a standard crib size mattress to ensure that the manufacturer is reliable. This is because you’ll likely be forced to buy both your mattress and crib and possibly even bedding from the same manufacturer. This will restrict your selection somewhat, and you will have less choice since you’ll be buying a package. Buying from a reputable manufacturer will ensure that they have not cut any costs while the mattress fits perfectly with your crib.