Importance of lawyer for legal proceedings

When a person or corporation encounters a legal problem that seems difficult to resolve or indeed that person does not understand how to take appropriate legal defence steps against him or herself.

In general, the person or corporation will first look for the closest people who understand the science of law from law firm in singapore to immediately get legal advice so that there is a useful way out or solution to the legal problems being faced.  However, it is possible for people who have academic legal knowledge who are not by profession as lawyers or advocates to provide legal views according to their knowledge to explain the stages of resolving these legal problems.  Therefore, it is the lawyer or advocate profession who can assist or corporation against the defence of the legal problems he is facing both inside and outside the court and this is based on the rule of law.

 In terms of selecting and using the services of an advocate, the community or corporation should use the precautionary principle, must be observant and thorough, especially for determining the election to whom will be given special powers to handle the settlement of cases, for this reason, the advocate must have the legal scientific ability, quality and can trust The basic things that need to be considered by the public or corporations regarding Advocates who will be appointed as Legal Advisors are:

The advocate who will be appointed is a member of an advocate organization recognized by the state proven by having a valid Advocate Identity Card, Advocate Oath Certificate by the Head of the High Court, this is very important because if at any time the Advocate appointed as the power of attorney performs violation of the code of ethics, the Client or public can complain of the violation as referred to to the Honorary Council of the Advocate Organization for legal processing and the proof can be through a trial of the Advocate’s code of ethics conducted by the Honorary Council of the Advocate Organization; the Advocate who will be appointed as an office with a clear address.

 This is also important because when the power of attorney has been signed from the power of attorney to the recipient of the power of attorney, then the correspondence address will be adjusted to the address of the Advocate’s office.  For example, if the report from the Court is sent to the address of the Advocate’s office by the Court Officer or court bailiff, the correspondence will not experience problems until it reaches the destination address the Advocate’s Office.