The initiatives under Bashir Dawood for youth

Worldwide there was a decade of turbulence by 2000. New heights of threat were reached by terrorism, and unrelenting was the natural disasters in Pakistan. Because of extreme conditions, citizens in Millions were forced to flee from their homes. Then there came the Dawood foundation with a prominent contribution from Bashir Dawood & Mariyam Dawood for the relief effort for Pakistani people in their hard times.

Initiative for Children’ health

The foundation carried on Charity to support all less fortunate children across the globe as much as possible. Bashir Dawood & Mariyam Dawood understands the need for philanthropic initiatives to reach a healthier world for children. By 1875 in Canada Dawood founded an organization for children’s support with a goal of eradicating illness from youth around the world with charity. Researches were conducted and improved medical facilities were built having higher capabilities to provide both mental and physical support to growing ones. Charities too encounter roadblocks many times. This foundation encountered challenges for the translation of research breakthroughs for tangible medicine and the establishment of adequate treatment facilities.

initiatives under Bashir Dawood for youth

Initiative to support education

By 1986 a business school initiative was taken and built by Dawood. There was a privilege for this school as a first to get operated at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS).The school was founded by Mr. and Mrs. Dawood for better educational upliftments, with the vision to provide practical and real-world knowledge and news to all Pakistani youth using challenging plus relevant curriculums with approaches of traditional education. The school provides MBA, Ph.D., bachelor courses in finance and administration, and short programs for skills development.

Home appliance industry

By 1980 Bashir Dawood also opened the first premium home appliance manufacturing setup in Pakistan. Provision of superior, durable, and high-quality home appliances for all households at an affordable price, was the commitment for this company. Started from a humble refrigerator in 1980, it has opened its first Karachi branch, and now it has crossed an experience of 30 years in the manufacturing industry. The company has also been a source of income to major youth which helped the innovative minds to grow and career.

So active volunteering from Dawood family has worked thanklessly in providing relief to all those needy people. With the collection of funds, procurement of food and shelters, and supplying of amenities, disaster-affected families have received support from the organization. Right from relieving the drought impact, rebuilding the village after fire ravage, and constructing shelters for flood period the Dawood Foundation has always there. Dawood has also helped by creating a manufacturing unit to provide employment and make youth to grow in prosper.