What are a periodontist and their treatments?

A dentist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases is a periodontist. You can help patients avoid gum disease by brushing their teeth regularly. If you experience gum disease, the journalist will be taught the latest techniques and procedures for diagnosing and treating periodoncia Barcelona at the doctor’s clinic as quickly as possible.

Reasons for a Periodontist

Your general dentist can treat some of the gum disorders. Your dentist will recommend you to a periodontist if your gum disease is worse, if you have serious cases or if you are at risk of tooth loss. You can arrange to visit a periodoncia Barcelona with your dentist if you see any of these typical signs and symptoms of gum disease.

Puffy or swollen gums:

Plaque and tartar-forming bacteria are usually the first signs of gingivitis and can also cause inflammation. This inflammation, if ignored, can form pockets around your teeth, making your disease more likely to cause tooth loss.

Bleeding gums:

Inflammation can also cause gums to bleed when puffing, running, or eating. Ask your dentist if your gums hurt when brushing, brushing, or rubbing blood from a pink toothbrush.

Bad breath:

In gum disease, reporters can get the latest methods and procedures for diagnosis, and treatment of gums as soon as possible in the doctor’s office.

How does periodontist work?

Periodontal disease has four stages, ranging from moderate to progressive:


Plaque accumulation on or near the gums is the first stage of periodontal disease. It can enter the next stage if it is not treated in time.

Mild periodontal disease:

The second stage of the periodontal disease affects the bones and fibers that support the roots of the teeth. After this stage, the infection transfers to the bones and begins to kill them. At this stage, you can use root canal and tartar to remove teeth from deep within the gum line.

Moderate periodontal disease:

The third stage contains a deeper periodontal pocket that allows bacteria to attack the blood and bones more aggressively. Our experienced periodontist can clean the area by treating gum disease.

Advanced Periodontal disease:

The final stage of periodontal disease is severe damage to the bones that support the teeth. PerioLase MVP-7 TruePulse is laser treatment or periodontal surgery. It is used to cleaning deep bacteria. Gaps, severely receding gums, need for dentures, and dangerous health complications.