Are Metal Business Cards Worth It?

When you go out looking for a service provider who is capable of printing some business cards for you, chances are that they would recommend that you go for their metal options at this current point in time. This would lead you to assume that you are getting scammed, since suffice it to say that you have never really seen anyone using cards that are made of metal before and this would make you understandably suspicious although we would humbly suggest that you temper your skepticism with some facts.

Copper Metal Kards

You see, Copper Metal Kards are almost always worth it because they last so much longer than cards that are made out of paper.This provides numerous sub benefits which we are about to get into shortly. To put it plainly, when you get metal cards made, they will end up being much more resistant to the general wear and tear that can occur over time. As a result of the fact that this is the case, a single batch of business cards would last several years, whereas paper cards are unlikely to last more than a few weeks before becoming soft and floppy so much so that giving them to anyone would seem offensive and rude without a shadow of a doubt.

Most business cards that you print in a thousand card batch are going to go to waste unless you put active effort into distributing them to the most people that you can get to.Hence, it makes a lot of sense to use metal instead. It allows you to make this singular batch last for so long that not even one of them would be thrown out.