Guide To ObtainingACalifornia Real Estate License

Real estate is an industry with a huge scope at present and it is bound to increase in future as well. If you are into real estate, you might want to consider getting verified with a legit license. If you want to be an agent or a broker in California, it requires a license. The process of getting a California Real Estate License is possible, no matter how intimidating it may seem. There are a few steps to be followed to complete the legalities of the process.

Check eligibility criteria

The first step is to make sure you tick all the boxes related to the eligibility to get a permit.

  • You are required to be 18+
  • You should be an occupant of California,
  • If not, understand the formalities for non-residents

Pre-license counselling

Once you are eligible to acquire a license, there are classes you need to attend mandatorily. This pre-license training is for 135 hours. It involves 45 hours each worth of lessons in finance, ethics and practices involved in real estate.

Give the exam

After the 45 hours of training for each course, an exam is conducted to test your skills. It is imperative to pass all three exams with at least 70% aggregate.

California licensing assessment

Upon passing the course exams with 70%, you are required to appear for the California licensing test. It is the examination of amultiple-choicequestion of 195 minutes. This also requires 70% pass marks. Several coaching institutes are available to help you prepare for this test to get a California Real Estate License.


After completing the exams with the required marks, you will need to choose a real estate agent to handle your sponsorship. This is an important step in your license procurement.

Apply online

The last step is to place an application online for the license. After approval by the responsible authority, you will become a licensed real estate agent in the state of California.

It does seem like a lot of steps are involved butcan be completed with the help of online courses and websites providing free as well as paid services in providing you with course materials and other necessary guidance.