Guide When Importing Used Cars

Buying a used car can seem like a no-brainer but it’s important to understand the process behind importing them from another country. Whether you are buying from the US or another country, you need to know that there are some extra things that can get in the way.

Here are a few tips when importing a used car:

Taxes & Duty

Taxes and duty are the cost of importing a vehicle into a country. This is often the least complicated part of importing used cars in reno as each country has a set amount that is used to calculate the price at which you will pay these duties. Some countries have a higher import tax, while others have lower.


Insurance is the cost of insuring your vehicle when it is not being driven on the road. Insurers can vary greatly and can also be variable depending on how long the car has been since it was last driven.

If you do not already have this arranged, it can be done after you have paid duties & taxes as many countries will require you to declare this value to their customs officers before they deliver your car. This is a good reason to arrange this first.

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Registration is a process of identifying the vehicle so that it can be registered in your name. This is often done soon after it arrives while it is being cleaned. If you do not do this before importing your vehicle, many countries will not issue you a permit to drive it so the car will sit on a customs holding area until you can arrange to pay duties and taxes and have the car registered with your name.

Road Tax

Road tax is the charge of paying for road maintenance. A lot of countries have different levels depending on your vehicle and what type of car it is. For example, cars that are more than 10 years old might be required to pay less road tax.


Shipping is the process from transporting the car from another country to where you live. Prices will vary greatly based on a number of factors and you may want to look about a few options before finalizing an agreement with any shipping company.