How Do You Find the Best Poke Dish?

With the sudden phenomenal in food trend, you may have wondered what’s poké or poké bowl? Poké in Hawaiian means ‘cut and slice’. It’s a popular Hawaiian traditional and staple meal that mainly serves the raw fish with some favorite toppings of your choice, salad and on rice. It’s an amazing mouth-watering dish, which can excite sashimi lover & health food fanatic easily.

poke at costco is a super food, which fits perfectly well with people who are looking for the light and nutrient-rich food. It can be carb, gluten, and meat-free in case required. Although it is a healthy dish it will pack the punch on texture and flavors. This depends on sauce and toppings combinations that you pair this with.

Know What Goes In Your Poke Bowl

Definitely poke is an amazing food that has got complete potential to stay unhealthy since there are various options you may get there, which add extra carbs and fat in your dish, which you may not be much aware of.  The typical Poke Bowl may have perfect amount of protein that comes from tuna or salmon and base of carbs that is white rice, sushi rice, and brown rice.

poke at costco

It acts for formula for the typical Poke bowl; but, there are different styles, which provide different things so let us get in each of them and see which ones to avoid and one we should eat.  There’re many different kinds of poke but it is important to choose one that you like and enjoyed by the whole family.

Are Poke Healthy Choice?

Vegetables and fish earn high honors especially when we talk about healthy ingredients. However, not all the poke bowls have same calorie, carb or fat count. How healthy the poke bowl is generally depends upon ingredients or how each one is made. Overall, poke bowl is an option when you are looking for something better.

Ingredients Found in Poke Bowl

The basic poke bowls will include the following ingredients:

  • Sushi-grade tuna or salmon (raw and cubed)
  • A base (rice)
  • Asian toppings like seaweed and soy sauce
  • Sesame oil