How Long Will I Have to Wait for the Results After a Lie Detector Test?

The lie detector test, also known as a polygraph examination, is frequently used to determine honesty or deception in individuals during investigations, pre-work screenings, or legal proceedings. One normal question that arises after undergoing a lie detector test is how long it takes to receive the results. The timing of obtaining the results can vary depending on several factors

Test Administration: The actual administration of the lie detector test typically takes between one to three hours. During this time, the examinee is associated with various sensors that monitor physiological reactions, for example, heart rate, circulatory strain, and skin conductivity, while answering a series of pre-determined questions.

Post-Examination Analysis: When the lie detector test is finished, the polygraph examiner analyzes the gathered data. This cycle involves reviewing the physiological reactions recorded during the test and interpreting the results.

Experience and Expertise of the Examiner: The experience and expertise of the polygraph examiner play a crucial job in the speed and accuracy of the results. A skilled and experienced examiner can quickly analyze the data and provide a comprehensive report.

The complexity of the Case: The complexity of the case and the number of questions asked during the examination can also impact the time taken for the analysis. In cases with extensive questioning or multiple issues to investigate, the examiner may require additional opportunities to review the data completely.

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Inside and out Reporting: Some lie detector test reports may include comprehensive explanations of the results, outlining the physiological reactions and their significance for each question. This top-to-bottom reporting may take additional time to compile.

Turnaround Time: The results of an are available on the same day as the examination. Examiners may provide immediate verbal feedback or preliminary results to the examinee. However, for formal reports, the turnaround time may vary, ranging from a couple of hours to several days, depending on the factors mentioned above.

Confidentiality and Legal Requirements: In certain situations, lie detector test results may be dependent upon confidentiality and legal requirements. If the test is part of an ongoing investigation or legal case, the results may be reviewed and approved by relevant authorities before being disclosed to the examinee or other parties.

Communication with the Examinee: When the analysis is finished, the polygraph examiner typically communicates the results to the examinee. This may involve an in-person meeting or the delivery of a written report, depending on the examiner’s practices and the examinee’s inclinations.