Increase your knowledge about Help Care

What is help care?

They are a particular type of organization that focuses on supporting people suffering from long-term health concerns and cares for those who are housebound or orphans. Their human-centered approach makes them unique from others. They try to understand that person has different needs, so HelpCare tend to work intensely with people to feel and understand what matters to them and provide them the prospect of leading independent and fulfilling lives for a period.

What is telemedicine?

 During the 1950s, only a few hospitals and some medical universities started investigating various methods and techniques to help them share images and information through the telephone. One of the first examples of the most successful usage of telemedicine is the two healthcare facilities in Pennsylvania, U.S., Which transferred radiological images through the telephone.

This method in Help Care came up hugely beneficial for patients and populations in rural areas, where specialist advice was not readily available. The systems and equipment needed to connect healthcare practitioners across the different regions across the world became the most expensive and complex.

Is Telemedicine the Same as Telehealth?


Even though the terms telehealth and telemedicine are mainly used interchangeably, there is a clear difference that exists between the two terms. Telehealth gathers a diverse range of services along with technologies used for providing beneficial patient care. Moreover, telehealth inculcates both remote clinical as well as non-clinical services, which include administrative meetings, continuous medical education, that include training of various healthcare practitioners; this variety of technology is mainly used for the crucial management of chronic ailments and conditions which needs specialist consultation, medication management, as well as other various critical clinical services that can be quickly delivered over remote, places through secure audio-video connections.

What is the need for this technology?

With the increasing incidence of a wide variety of chronic also known as lifestyle-associated diseases, the demand for telemedicine technology was rapidly increasing across the globe. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) research, these types of chronic diseases are responsible for 60% of mortality worldwide and thus form the leading causes of death reports. The growing intensity in the adoption of sedentary lifestyles, which includes poor dietary choices along with the lack of access to proper preventive care, are considered to be the main factors that keep on fuelling the intensity of chronic diseases, thus preventing this vast growing intensity this technology was needed to be introduced. As a result of introducing this technology, both the party healthcare providers and patients are intensified towards telemedicine, which has to turn into an excellent alternative for getting quality healthcare at an affordable price.