Know About Wedding Live Band Hk

The season is another variable that affects the price of a professional wedding band. The high season, wedding live band hk which is spring Time, Summer, and early Fall, will have a higher price point. The band will be more amenable to price negotiations if you can book your date during the off-season and there are fewer competitors on their schedule. Similar to how the cost for a live wedding band would vary depending on the day before the week. The most costly days are Saturdays since they are the busiest.

Travelling and lodging

wedding live music

The price of a band playing for any wedding may vary depending on where your venue is located. The band will take into account the cost of lodging and travel, as well as the amount of time that each band member and crew will spend traveling. For weddings or private parties across the US and abroad, Mole Graffiti Artists has booked bands. Depending on the budget, we have transported bands to different locations or used our network to find fantastic local bands.

Sound Equipment

In most cases, the band cost will cover all of the musicians and staff needed for the band. When the band is certain the in-house production will satisfy their standards for top-notch performance, they will be pleased to employ it. The venue may occasionally have in-house production. In any case, Mole Street Artists offers a knowledgeable point of contact to arrange all music-related details with the bridal party and the venue. We ask that the customer supply parking for the band, wedding live music in a separate green room, and meals for all players and production personnel.