Learn all that there is to be aware of the Bachelor of Computing with Honors in Internet Technology

This program looks to give understudies complete comprehension and pragmatic preparation in registering as a broad and dynamic discipline. Hong Kong Metropolitan University can be a perfect option if you want a bachelor’s in the said field.

The BCOMP program provides understudies with a comprehensive comprehension of hypotheses and practices. In contrast, the distinctions program grows understudies’ information and abilities in creating applications for and on the Internet.

Understudies who effectively complete the BCOMP program ought to have the option to:

Hong Kong Metropolitan University 

  • Essential information on language correspondence, figuring, and the web
  • Show information on figuring speculations.
  • Perceive current registering standards and practices.
  • Interface figuring standards and practices
  • Besides the previously mentioned, BCOMPHIT graduates ought to have the option to:

As an expert in the field, show your insight into the internet technology course and your familiarity with significant issues.


  • Multi-ways out to receive your benefits quicker.
  • Credit exclusion takes into consideration a quicker fulfillment of a degree.
  • Understudies with a Higher Diploma or Associate Degree can enter the program and complete a standard degree with as few as 40 credits.
  • Distance learning concentrating on mode gives more noteworthy review adaptability.
  • Anybody beyond 17 years old at an HK residential location qualified for confirmation under the open training strategy.

Lone wolf of Computing Program Structure (BCOMP)

Complete no less than 120 credits in the accompanying ways:

Table 1 shows 20 credits from ITS101 and ten credits from FE. Table 2 shows 70 credits from the CD center and ten from IT or EL electives (absolute credits from Foundation courses should not exceed 40 credits).

Lone ranger of Computing with a Specialization in Internet Technology (BCOMPHIT)

Complete something like 160 credits in the accompanying ways:

Ten credits from any Foundation, Middle, or Higher courses presented by the University in Table 1. (absolute credits from Foundation courses ought not to be more than 40 credits).