Mechanism of Action of Lysine

Lysine is an essential amino acid with many benefits. It cannot be produced in the body naturally, but can be taken in through the diet. Deficiency of the amino acid can cause a host of health problems.  The amino acid can boost your immunity and also make your skin look fresh and healthy. It can equally promote longevity. There are many benefits to the use of this amino acid, but some lysine side effects also exist.

However, the side effects are mild and will never lead to any serious problem. What is more, you do not need to stop taking the supplement even when the side effects show up; this is because of the 100% natural state of this amino acid.

Few benefits of lysine

Check below for highlights of how the amino acid can benefit you:

  • It can promote tissue repair and hormone balance
  • It can promote the health status of the bone and skin
  • It can boost your immunity and also promote antibody formation
  • Cold sore tablets are rich in lysine also.
  • The product is safe also since it is 100% natural in its composition.

muscular energy source

How does it work?

The mechanism of action of lysine is simple and straightforward.  The amino acid carries out its functions in the body by inhibiting the action of Arginine, which is yet another amino acid.  Its unique side effect makes it reliable for the treatment of infections caused by the herpes simplex virus.

Once it is ingested, the amino acid gets absorbed into your intestinal tract and it acts very fast. Once in the small intestine, it will hasten the rate at which calcium is absorbed from food intake; improved absorption of calcium will strengthen the bones, nails, and teeth. Also, the amino acid can aid the natural excretion of calcium through the kidney.

The amino acid equally functions as a limiting agent and can promote the digestion of protein-rich foods. It is known to inhibit certain lipoproteins, especially the low-density lipoproteins.  The substance can attack muscular energy source and cause an increase in the level of blood pressure. If this is allowed to happen, it can lead to heart attacks and strokes. The benefits are simply innumerable.

Any patient with cold sore will find the amino acid useful. Studies have shown that the amino acid can reduce the inflammation and redness in the areas of the sore, including in hospitalized individuals; this is one of the reasons it is included in cold sore tablets.