Merchandise of Your Favorite Anime: My Hero Academia

“My Hero Academia” has been the top-selling anime on good terms since its first season. The series, which is still currently airing on television, has already had a video game and one compilation movie released in theaters during this current year so far. A second movie was announced to be in production just earlier today, and more information is expected to be released soon.

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

“My Hero Academia: Two Heroes,” the first compilation movie of the series, revealed that its Blu-ray and DVD versions would include an original short story titled “The Exam Room.” This release will see its release date tomorrow at midnight across Japan with a total of 13 episodes spread across two discs for 3990 yen (roughly $40). In addition to this, and due to events that took place within the film itself, specific scenes were censored with mosaics.

 Within “My Hero Academia: Two Heroes,” there’s a scene in which Class A is told by All Might himself to clean the school pool as punishment for their actions against another student. The students begin to complain about it but are shushed; however, the class representative acknowledges the situation further by saying that they won’t do anything if they’re not punished equally for what they’ve done wrong. This then leads into a rather heated argument between said classmate and Bakugo.

As you can see above (of screenshots from episode 13 of this season certain scenes involving this mentioned discussion/argument), the top image shows Class A carrying out their punishment and scrubbing the school pool while wearing fundoshi to scrub harder. And in this frame, you can see the bottom of said package in Bakugo’s shorts.

Similar censorship was also present during episode 14 in which different people are shown in mha merch as part of a hot springs scene with NeitoMonoma. This censorship wasn’t quite as noticeable when compared to that of episode 13, but it’s still obscured nonetheless when all is said and done.

Even with these added moments, “My Hero Academia: Two Heroes” has already set records for being the highest grossing film released in the U.S. during a limited run in theaters, beating out Hayao Miyazaki’s “The Wind Rises” and Makoto Shinkai’s “Your Name.”

Check this series out

If you’re a fan of anime, manga, or just plain heroes in general, be sure to check this series out. It has all the elements of what makes an anime great: action-packed fight scenes, dramatic events that’ll leave your heart pounding, and characters with unique powers ranging from super strength to manipulating gravity itself.

While this compilation movie did come with some added censorship (albeit minor), don’t let that stop you from watching more of these characters’ adventures on television or during theatrical releases. It’s one of the top anime series right now, and it’s certainly worth watching if you haven’t done so yet.