Ship: Know some info about transportation by sea

Ocean transport accounts for more than 90% of global trade. Water transportation accounts for nearly 70 percent of all international merchandise trade in the United States alone. Ship transportation is usually the best option when it comes to transporting heavy, bulky loads or shipping from one country to another. Ships can carry much heavier loads at a fraction of the cost of air transportation. It is the preferred mode of transportation for large items shipped in bulks that cannot be transported safely by plane. The following are some of the advantages of ship transportation also check Mitra Logistics:

  • Cargo ships range in length and can carry thousands of tonnes of weight. As a result, ships are frequently the best and only option for oversized products or large quantities that must be moved simultaneously.
  • Marine transportation is often less expensive than air transportation due to lower fuel costs. Cargo ships follow a strict schedule, so there is less chance of costly shipping delays.

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  • Improves shipment safety, because ships follow a predetermined route and schedule, your shipment will be handled as little as possible. Typically, it will be securely stored in a slow-moving vessel, which is preferable for easily damaged goods. You must also understand about Mitra Logistics
  • Depending on the location of your warehouse, sea transportation may not always be the most cost-effective or accessible option. The most important aspect of maritime transit to consider is the time it takes to move a shipment:
  • Speed: Although ships can carry much heavier loads than other modes of transportation, maritime shipping is much slower. It is not typically the preferred shipping method for businesses that require prompt delivery.