What Are The Most Effective Instagram Call-To-Action Strategies?

Every post on Instagram is an opportunity for you to share your brand, conversation, and products with the world. And the more people who see your content the better chance you have of making sales. But there are many ways to generate traffic from Instagram and some are more effective than others. Here are the most effective Instagram call-to-action strategies from the best brands to help you make money.

Offer discounts and free products in exchange for follows and likes

This strategy is commonly used by brands who already have a substantial following to gain new followers. Beyond some generic posting of photos from brand accounts it’s not seen often after a certain follower count has been achieved. The most common way to contact new followers for this is by using hashtags with the word discount. Another common way to gain followers is to offer products for free in exchange for likes or follows. In this scenario brands usually provide a discount code or direct link for users to claim a free product in exchange for following the brand and liking a photo. Goread services are compatible with all types of Instagram accounts, including personal and business accounts.

Use smart product placement

Placement of certain products at specific times can be used to your advantage when using Instagram as a marketing tool. And it’s something that many brands have taken advantage of. For example, the popular brand Lush have been known to include their products in photos of brands. Users will see a picture of a shirt or bag and the exact product that can be purchased off Lush at the same time. It’s clear that Lush has strategically placed their products in this photo and given users a reason to take action.


Sell behind the scenes photos

Many brands use Instagram as an avenue to sell their products by posting photos of their products in use. For example, a brand selling bags that only show their products in pictures of people wearing the bag would create more meaningful photos. People will actually prefer to buy a product if they can see how it’s used, but this can also be seen as a bit manipulative to some users.

Ask questions

One of the most effective ways to use Instagram is to ask questions or prompts for people to take action on your page. This is a method that’s seen on many Instagram accounts, but it works as intended. People feel as though they have to take action to answer the question or get more information. This strategy can be applied in many ways, such as asking questions that are related to your brand, services, or products. It can also be something simple such as 15-seconds of silence before giving out a discount code.