What to consider when choosing a new car, and what if you buy a used car to make a good deal?

How good to buy a car? How to prepare for buying a new car, and how to buy a used one? Where to start your search, what elements to consider? Today, Used cars in el cajon a set of tips for those who are thinking about buying or replacing their car

Critical matter – course

There is a perception that it is not worth buying a car with a mileage of over 200,000 kilometers, because it is scrap metal. It is much better to buy a vehicle with 100-150 thousand mileage because it is “almost new.” The word “almost” is the key, especially for cars that have at least twice as much invaded, but the magic of numbers puts the common sense of most buyers to sleep. Chasing low mileage Used cars in el cajon To certain limits.

A well-maintained car with a mileage of 250,000 kilometers or more may be a better choice than an arrived car backed up to 125,000. But how to verify it? Currently, this is not a major problem, and in truth, the number of crafty people who are trying to cheat is slowly decreasing, although this practice is still noticeable. Fortunately, the buyer can check the mileage using the VIN. If the seller does not want to provide it, he does not have any car documents, such as service books or inspection documents, it is better to cancel the purchase and even to inspect the car – a waste of time.

Used cars in el cajon

We look under the cover

 For example, by carefully raising the oil level dipstick or slightly unscrewing the oil filler cap when the engine is running, we can check for blows and smoke from these places. If this happens, the engine may require serious and, most importantly, a very expensive repair. It is also a sign of high mileage or extreme neglect of the previous owner.

Let’s also check for visible leaks. If the engine is very clean and looks like new, the seller probably washed it before sales to conceal inconvenient facts such as leaks, oil splashes, etc. Let’s also check all service stickers, badges with exchange oils, etc. There, the services enter the last recorded mileage. When they are missing, we may have doubts as to the correctness of the distance declared by the seller.

Check the condition of the consumables

It is known that the seller does not get rid of the car after a general review and replacement of all consumables. However, this is not a reason for all these components to be in extremely poor condition, completely worn out, falling apart, and endangering safety.

Before buying a car, in addition to routine fluid testing (their condition and levels), we check the condition of tires, brake discs, pads, shock absorbers, suspension components, exhaust systems, etc. Grated discs with a high edge, brake pads with a lining less than a millimeter thick, shock absorbers with leaks or solid rubber suspension elements are a sign that the previous owner did not care about the car, wanted to “get it” and now gets rid of it so that the new one worries for replacing all items.