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this is the index page of my website. i am required to have one of these for my website to work. you shouldn’t actually be able to read this at your leisure because, by now, another page should be in front of this one, if your browser has refused to open it, because it has classified it as a 'pop-up' window, then please click here. to carry on. the reason that this page is lurking here, is that i don’t want to have all of that fancy ‘browser chrome’: stuff like toolbars, menubars, status bars etc. around my pages so i use this page as a kind of springboard from which i can open another page that looks the way i want it to. this idea of baldly telling you what’s going on, as it is ongoing, is one i have borrowed from the great storm thorgersen who used it for the cover of the go2 album by the differently great xtc. i don’t know for certain that storm was the first person to make public use of this idea, but he seems like a jolly nice chap. hopefully, the internet will be working quite quickly today and you won’t have had to read down this far, or if you have a fast connection, maybe you will have just noticed this page behind all the others you were looking at, and now you’ve come back to read it. i realise that some people probably don’t want me to control their internet experience of my website to the level of filling their screens and minimising their browser and therefore, perhaps, making them feel disturbed and uncomfortable and i'm sorry if you find that upsetting. i would say that the changes aren’t damaging, or irreversible, or even that drastic, so i’ve decided to go ahead with it. [i'd just like to mention that this page has been updated recently (09.11.2006) but rather than adding to the bottom of it, i've decided to also insert bits into the main body, a method i shall heretofore call 'gestalt editing'. maybe i'll add an updated sign for any regular readers that may exist]. aside from the original idea for this page, which i've already explained, i half-fancy it might be nice to use it to waffle-on a bit about this & that. i suppose that's what other people would call a 'blog', i don't really want a blog, i love just about every form of manipulation of the visual line but i'm not attracted to the linearity of the blog. i also thought this might be quite a practical place to place a few quick links to things of topical use or interest out there on the internet. so, for example, i could waffle on a bit about the fact that i am, at long last, developing my own typefaces and that initially i shall be selling them through the name typothesis. [incidentally, the gestalt editing mentioned above won't be in helpful white type like this is]. i've just been wondering about the length of web pages; can a web page be infinitely long or is there a limit. obviously i'll do a search for this later and find out but for now it's captivating to consider making the worlds biggest web page. it might take years but slowly this page could expand to be bigger than most websites. i could open this up; maybe people could contribute their own musings on a daily basis and we could get some kind of futile world record. world records, now there's a thing. is there a point to them? i mean, i claim that i have the 'world record' for the world's biggest writing but does it really matter? imagine if you could measure kindness, that would be a great world record to hold, 'world's kindest man'. actually, the prize would probably be won year on year by a woman, don't you think? i've now decided to use the name font butty to sell some of my 'display' typefaces, alongside the previously mentioned typothesis but you'll probably find that i haven't got around to putting a holding page up for it yet, although there are lots of cheeky logos for it in my notebook. at least one of the ideas for it involves a cloud and a rudimentary drawing of a box. the idea for this page has now been recycled (again) as an advert for the case magazine, in order to draw attention to this website and who knows, possibly generate interesting opportunities and maybe even income. if this web page were that advert, there would be no need for it because the world of ink on paper is still mercifully free of digital rights management issues that constantly behave as if they know best and stop you from doing what you want to do: imagine turning the page of a book, only to be told that you were not permitted to do so, as you had not finished reading all of the adverts and enjoying the logos. anyway, i suppose i should mention that this website will display some of the many tools i have made for the business of making letters. i should probably add that i'll come and show you them in action if you ask me nicely. i was recently asked nicely and so gave: 1. an illustrated talk about things that inspire me. 2. presented some of my own work with a focus on the creative processes behind it. 3. demonstrated tool-making and subsequent mark-making. 4. demonstrated my ‘world-record-breaking’ ‘big writing’, outdoors, ‘on the grass’ 5. ran a group project on top of everything else. this sounds like too much for two hours but i like to pack a lot in. talking of which i'm also undertaking an ma (completed in autumn of 2006, i got a distinction). work for the ma includes the ‘musée-en-boîte’: five thousand years worth of writing in twenty red boxes, all packed into a slightly bigger yellow box. this can expand to 5.6 metres in length when required. now that really is worth seeing. there are now plans to develop this web page further. the next thing being planned is a t-shirt. want one? send me an email. another recent development for very busy people. is the 'see everything' page. this will be the entire website on one page containing ultra-fast slide-shows of all of the imagery on site. then you will be able to feel that you have seen the website in the same way that people who buy, or otherwise acquire, a cultural product, feel that they have begun to properly connect with it. taping a film (but postponing the watching of it) is an example of this: i can persuade myself that my good intentions take me halfway there. if you start talking about finnegans wake, i might self-consciously announce that i have bought-it but i doubt i shall ever read it. incidentally, i don't want you to think that the links to a certain online bookseller are any kind of endorsement, i'm linking to them because there's a good chance that the pages are fairly stable and it'll save me the bother of maintenance. spelling mistakes are a pain and generally cause people to doubt the greater veracity of the piece of communication under scrutiny, if you see any here, please let me know. and, of course, there's always room for alternatives. i don't know why it is but the biggest newsagent in the united kingdom has a real problem stocking eye magazine. maybe it's because it costs more than many of the books they sell upstairs or maybe it's just because they can't understand that it's just called 'eye', not 'eye on design' or 'designer's eye', or 'eye monthly'. i have been wondering whether this page could ultimately replace the links page. but i suppose that would mean having to circuitously witter on about everything that is on that page and i don't know if i'm strong enough.