Choosing the right colors for electrical wires

You are about to realize your wiring but you hesitate on the color of your electrical wires? Here is an article that will allow you to know wire harness manufacturer which colors to use to make your electrical diagrams and what are your obligations.

The colors of the electric wires according to standard NF C 15-100:

In electricity, automotive cable manufacturers It should be known that there is no color code strictly speaking for the electric wires, but rather obligations concerning the standard NF C 15-100. This is the case of two of them:

The color of the ground wire: The ground wire is one of the conductors of the electrical installation which must have one and only one color: it is the green-yellow.

The color of the neutral wire: The neutral in the home electrical installation must be in blue

Colors for live electrical wire:

Usually, the live conductor is red. This is not an obligation from the standard NF C 15-100 (I speak here moreover in the context of the return lamp for a simple ignition).

You can very well use black of gray or other color (except the blue and the green-yellow).  So why the thread of the phase is most often red? Simply because the red color is reminiscent of the danger and the prohibition of touch.

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Other colors of electrical wires:

  • The return lamp for lighting circuits: what color?
  • No particular indication. I advise you to always use the same color for all your electric wires back lamp.
  • Why? When wiring your junction boxes, the identification of lamp returns is immediate. I choose on my side in general purple, orange or brown for the electric wire corresponding to the return lamp.
  • I try not to choose the same color of live electrical wire.

Colors for shuttles for back and forth

The color of the shuttles for the coming and going is to be chosen in the same way as for the return-lamp.

Depending on the case, it can be interesting to use two different colors of electric wire:

The two switches are directly connected. In this case, only one color is necessary.

When the back-and-forth assembly is done with a junction box, the use of two colors makes it possible to make no mistake in the connection of the shuttles between them (but the use of a single color is possible) .

.Colors of electrical wires in old housing: specificities

This way of separating the electric wires has not always been respected. In renovation, in dwellings dating from the 1970s (and before), the color code in electricity was as follows:

  • The live wire was green
  • The neutral wire was red
  • The ground wire was white or gray