General process of ielts English test conducted

Now a day’s ielts test certificate is followed with immense respect to the guy who qualifies. Moreover he called to be an NRI after got settled at abroad. Strange, but it is true. In detail, ielts is an exam where it is taken up for many causes. Some people write for immigration, some people for employment and some for study etc. Once you pass this test, you will be allowed to apply visa of your selected country. You majorly require good communication skills with high quality and command on English language. Most of the students choose services like british council ielts hk to obtain study in best universities on their behalf.

Let’s know about how the entire process of ielts test takes place;

  • Initially you need to follow up your test with registration. For example if you decide to write an exam of ielts course hong kong at british council office let’s say. Here the entire staff will assist you in all genres of exam. It includes registration process, fees of the test and all other procedures.
  • Once the registration completes, they will tell you to choose your nearby location to take up the test through mail or call.
  • Followed by, they will ask you to select the date and time to take up the test. Some countries will conduct test twice per month but some may take more times. Based on the test locations of some countries, count of conducting ielts tests will be taken place.

british council ielts hk

  • Coming to exam room of ielts test, you are asked to perform the test with listening, reading, writing and speaking. On first day, you would take up listening, reading and writing. In listening section, you will be offered with headphones and some kind of audio is played. Then you have to write it on paper and it may be answers to be written for the questions asked. Here concentration is important. In reading phase, you will be given comprehension passage like that, read thoroughly and answer as fast as possible. Similarly writing needs creativity.
  • Finally speaking test, it determines how orally with fluent English you speak in front of examiners. This sample session is also recorded and sent to the administration office of ielts.

This is how ielts test procedure will be taken place finally. There are many offices of different countries conduct ielts tests. Especially ielts exam is conducted by british council, Cambridge and IDP to check English language proficiency. Actually it is a paper based test but now this test is also done with computer based too in many countries. People prefer computer based only due to all listening, reading, writing speaking will be done on same day itself. Otherwise you have to wait for the next day to speaking test.

In fact, this exam is mandatory for everyone those who want to study abroad.  Moreover, this is the best choice where many graduates are preparing for it. On the whole, you have to choose the right ielts consultancy to apply for prestigious universities.