Self-Deleting Text For Sensitive Information

Self-deleting text for sensitive information is a new breed of software that deletes its own code upon the user clicking “delete text” on it. This way, the sensitive information is not left lying around on unwanted devices or backups when you learn how to send a self destructing text message.

The benefits of self-deleting text for sensitive information:

It is impossible for the information to be retrieved

Threats to sensitive information can be prevented by the simple act of self-deleting text for sensitive information. For example, documents that contain this information are ‘deleted’ when the user clicks “delete text” and it is never present on the target machine or backup.

The information is safer

Hackers don’t know where to find the information and are therefore less likely to target it. All that is left behind are “deleted” files.

It does not increase risks

A self-deleting text for sensitive information system will not cause an increase of data breaches, because there was never any information in the first place. The software only deletes the contents of a file, it does not modify the file or add any new content to it.

It is easy to configure

The software can be configured with a password and will not run from the command line.

It is portable

The software can be installed on any machine, making it portable and cross-platform. This creates a significant benefit for those operating on multiple devices, such as in the office or at home where a laptop might not always be available.

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It is cheap

A self-deleting text for sensitive information system is relatively cheap and requires no technical knowledge to install.

It uses existing software

The software is written in natural language, so it can use existing tools and run existing applications without modification. This reduces costs without compromising on the functionality or ease of use of the program.

It has legal precedent

The British government has a program that does the same thing, but without self-deleting text for sensitive information. The software uses a password that is provided by the user, making it legal.

It will work everywhere

The software runs on Windows, Linux and Mac computers. This means it can be used on multiple devices and across multiple operating platforms, which is important when there are so many different versions of both operating systems and hardware to consider.