What forms of online payment exist for e-commerce?

There are more and more ways to send money from one person to another. We recommend that you always compare the exchange rate that they offer you for international transfers as well as the commission they charge you for the service. Click here for ecommerce payment.

Payment with Credit / Debit Card

Many website sallow you to make an online transfer with your credit or debit card digits. To make a transfer with this payment method, you need to register, choose the country where you want to send and the amount of money and choose the debit / credit card payment method. Then, enter the details of your beneficiary and in a few minutes, you will have sent your money. Visit this site for mobile phone payment.

Mobile Top up

It allows you to recharge your local or third-party mobile balance from abroad to avoid the expiration of your SIM card. Payment is made online by entering the beneficiary’s phone number and credit amount. You will receive an immediate confirmation in your email or by SMS.

Wire transfer

An order is created with the amount we wish to send to the beneficiary. Once the order is confirmed, a bank transfer is made to the recipient account in the same country of origin and for the exact same amount that the order was made, not forgetting to include the order number. Once the money arrives in the recipient account, it will be sent to the payer between 24 and 48 hours.

It may be a slightly slower process but it gives a greater degree of security since it allows bank identification.

online payment exist for e-commerce
Direct Debit

It consists in making a direct debit of a payment in your bank account that is made with a frequent periodicity: a week or a month, for example. It is customary for the payment of rent, electricity, water, gas, internet services etc. Once the direct debit is authorized, the payment of these receipts is deducted directly from your bank account without the need for you to do anything.

Bank deposit

Cash deposit into a third-party account. A receipt is issued with the sender, beneficiary and the amount that is entered. It is made in the bank of the beneficiary’s account.


It is an online tool that allows you to make payments online. You only have to enter the digits of your debit / credit card once and later; you can make your payments with your email account and your password. Although it is usually a fast service, the disadvantage is that the exchange rate is usually very high and not very competitive. However, it does guarantee security when making purchases on the internet at unknown sites.