Why choose Premia TNC for your company’s secretarial services?

Hong Kong is one of the leading destinations for setting up a business. Due to its strategic location close to China which is the world’s second-largest market economy and its low corporate tax regimes, it is a preferred location for investors the world over. But, certainly, this ease of doing business does not simply translate to the fact that there are no proper rules and regulations in place. Rather, Hong Kong is an organized economy where you have to be legally compliant with certain government protocols to function smoothly.

Certainly one of these protocols is to have an experienced and professional company secretary who must be over 18 years of age. It must reside within the official territory of Hong Kong, if not then it must be a part of a corporate body that has official registration within the country.

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Can I be the sole director of a company and still simultaneously be the company secretary? 

Premia INC with years of experience in serving various businesses that have a physical or virtual address within the territory of Hong Kong has a team of well-qualified experts in answering all such questions regarding setting up a successful company in Hong Kong. So, if you are looking for efficient and high-quality company secretarial service hong kong, you must check them out.

So, no, you cannot be a director and company secretary simultaneously. Though, you can hand over the work to an employee of the company. But, the best way is to outsource it from a reliable company secretary service hong kong to be compliant with all the government norms and policies.